Thursday, August 23, 2007

Store is Up!!!

python-skin-leather-cuffThe shop section of the site is finally up! What a process! But I am thrilled and excited that it is up and working. The shopping cart software is a huge learning curve for me and I expect it to be a long and ongoing. I want to thank the designers, Joe and Erin of Transfuture. They've been great and very patient through whatever came up. (Especially the 5-6 weeks that Miva was refusing to let us login consistently (or at all).

I am now looking for some help with the internet marketing, running the store, keeping on top of this blog, etc. etc, etc.
A part time webmaster? Good with all the web and internet marketing techniques, from adwords, to adding feeds and content to this blog, creating a MySpace page above and beyond what is sitting up there now, some SEO ability. Coding a must, Fashion Background a Super Plus. I will pay a good commission on any sales the internet generates, including any new Custom clientele. I would love to hear from anyone interested.

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