Thursday, August 16, 2007

Made in USA?

I had a custom-made inquiry recently, and to my surprise, I was asked if I outsource!
I've never gotten that question before, but with all the news it had to happen eventually.

Dangerous and toxic children’s toys, medicines, toothpaste, tires, pet food, and now cars ? Not in the US (yet), and hopefully never- but there’s a fool to buy everything and worse, the giant multinationals (Chrysler and BMW) who will sell it to them. This crash test doesn't seem to have made it into the mainstream news yet... how can that be???

Anyhow… the answer to the original question is NO! We do not outsource!

In fact, when I was manufacturing I was EXPORTING! But it’s very hard to manufacture in NYC. So I’m sticking with the custom-made and only small production (to order) so I can keep everything in-house. My dream always was to establish a high-end US made clothing company and I’m gonna stick with it even at the smaller scale!

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