Saturday, May 19, 2007's only Rock n' Roll but...

python-skin-leather-vestGood, Bad and Ugly Python Backed Vest

…A lot of people have asked my why the men's wear shown on my site is not what's considered "wearable" or "fashionable" today.

The men's leather featured on my site right now is my most current work, all of which was created specifically as stage wear. I've done an awful lot of leather for bands and other performers including U2, Godsmack and most recently for The Lizards.

custom-leather-mens-coatCustom made leather Carcoat
I've also done a lot of custom made for regular guys, but have not photographed much of it. I'll add men's stuff from time to time for now.


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  1. Absolutely stunning website.

    Not all of us are (unfortunately) rockers, but where else do you get eexactly what you want?


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