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Behrle Leather as seen in German Max

I am going to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Carla Dawn Behrle, my last name is pronounced “burly”.
, to my understanding means “ little bear” in German. I do want you to know how to pronounce my name right and remember how to spell it. And yes, I am German, which nicely leads us back into leather…

I am a fashion designer who specializes in leather- specifically leather clothing and accessories.

My work as a theatrical costume designer introduced me to Leather. I decided to make it my specialty because it really spoke to me the first time I worked with it- it has attributes that are unique only to it, and that no other textile - natural or synthetic, can match.

Leather molds to the body, it breathes, it ages, it wears and breaks in, and at every stage it retains it beauty and character while taking on the character imparted by the wearer. It can be strong and protective, or as delicate as lace.

Being such a specialized material it soon led me to work in Fashion. I will always do stage and performance wear, though because It's my first love.

My initial foray into designing and selling my own work in leather was my line World Domination. Since I started with very little, out of necessity the garments were kinda small.

The line grew and evolved and eventually I put my own name on the label.

Now, I was selling to specialty boutiques around the world. Keeping distribution small, and the quality very high. All the work was done in house, right alongside my custom made work, which is created in the same fashion as European Haute Couture.

For five years I had a retail store in Tribeca, which was great fun and my customers were the absolute best! We were quite close to the WTC, so After September 11th, I closed down the shop.

Since then, I’ve been concentrating on my custom design work and I am thrilled to be taking this next step forward.

I am really excited about the site and this forum. They are both a completely new thing for me and I look forward to what's next.

I do have to say that I pride myself on my work being among the best leather work in the USA, if not the world. I work very, very hard at the quality of everything I produce, whether it is a unique custom made garment or a production item. (I am looking forward to getting back into production soon.)

I appreciate any comments or questions, particularly regarding Design and Fashion…




  1. Beautiful work, Brava!

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  4. Carla, Carla, Carla...
    should you ever see this comment, you will chuckle at how it came about.
    So, last night I bought heavy cream, being a "salt dish maker" rather than dessert, I said, "you know, one time, I knew a girl who made the most intricate, beautiful leather designs you've ever seen, came to where I was living in tenafly N.J, for a formal dinner party, (my idea I must add)
    "well, she made whipped cream for the pie she brought, right out of heavy cream! natural and all!
    I was so impressed.
    Anyway darlin', I looked you up and as corny as it sounds, felt overwhelming pride for you, this hoboken alummni....

    Your clothing and philosophy OF IT are nothing less than what I imagined at that time for you.
    I am a fan, and not only that, need to go make some money to purchase one of your one of a kind beautiful pieces, (hmmm, should I sell my soul? go back?
    Remember those days of modeling hats? w/ Janice behind the camera?
    Congrats on your wonderful work.
    We always knew you would do it, and do it beautifully.
    Diva Haase


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